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It’s Important that your doctors be kept informed concerning the medications you take.

There are many reasons why your health care professionals need to track medications. The most important is “drug Interactions”. This is when two or more drugs do bad things when mixed.

This section of the DMC allows you to track medications and information that your doctors require to make good decisions.

Each medication is set up for its name, the prescribing doctor, the date you started the medication, the measure, how often and how many pills you take each day.

The same information is gathered for supplements and “over the counter” medications. An example might be an allergy medication.

As with everything else in the DMC, once the information is in the system all you need do is print and take or fax the page to your doctor. Tracking medications has never been easier!

Simple, easy way to track medications.

Keep an active list of all medications you take, the date you started and the prescribing doctor.

Track medications to help  your doctor keep you safe.