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A diabetic diet is easier to plan with the right information!

Unfortunately, it needs to be done if you are going to get in control and make the changes you will need to stay in control.

It’s not so bad to write it all down. But writing

the food down is only the start. If you are going to get benefit from this you add up all of the nutritional values, calories, cholesterol, protein and the all mighty carbohydrate. Then you start to analyze!

The DMC is equipped with a Meal Reporting area

that makes tracking a diabetic diet easier to manage. It tells you the food values important to a diabetic diet. You enter what you ate and it tells you:

Track Meals and automatically and  

know the foods nutritional values!










Over 8,500 Food Values.

No more searching

for nutritional information

on what you ate!

Keeping track of the food you eat on a diabetic diet is, to say the very least, a lousy job.