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The diabetic meal  

is planned for the best result...

Create your own healthy diabetic meals with the DMC.

Everyone has favorite meals. Not to mention

favorite foods that they buy at the store. For

some of these foods the nutritional values will

not be in the DMC.

To plan a diabetic meal you can pull food values

from the over 8,500 foods available in the DMC.

Adding foods that are not in the system is easy.

Simply add the food or meal to the system. Once

it has been added it will be there forever so that

you can use the values over and over. You can

even combine food values to make your favorite

meal then add it to your report with one click.

In the MEAL REPORTER you can create a meal

and use it as a menu to help plan good diabetic meals.

Most fast food values are represented in the DMC. This means that even if you go to a fast food restaurant you can make good decisions. Just look up the foods for that restaurant in the DMC and decide to eat the foods within your program.

The DMC has over 8,500 foods complete with nutritional values. That’s how the DMC can help you plan a meal that is good for A diabetic !